Skillet cookies have really taken off in popularity in the last year or so, and if you’re not making them at home already, you should definitely put them on your “must try” list. The huge cookies are baked in oven-safe skillets and are jumbo sized, with crisp edges and slightly gooey centers. You can wait for them to cool and cut them into individual slices, or you can serve them up while they are still warm, just as you might serve a fruit cobbler. Skillet cookies can also be packed with more add-ins than your traditional cookie. This decadent White Chocolate Raspberry Skillet Cookie is packed with white chocolate and bright, sweet raspberries.

Fresh and frozen fruits aren’t a typical addition to regular drop cookies because the extra moisture in the fruit leads to a soggy cookie. With the skillet cookie, since it can (and should) be served while it is warm and soft in the center, you can easily get away with adding fresh fruit. The result is somewhere between a cookie and a cobbler – and it is incredibly delicious.