These tuxedo Black and White Chocolate Brownie Bars have something for every chocolate-lover, whether you prefer dark chocolate, white chocolate or love them both equally. The bars have a vanilla layer and a chocolate layer, with both dark and white chocolate chips packed between them.

The bars start with a blondie-like batter made with melted butter and a very generous amount of vanilla extract. This recipe is a great one to use vanilla bean paste in, if you have it, because the specks of vanilla bean will make the finished bars look even more delicious. That said, classic vanilla extract is fine, too. The batter is divided into two parts and cocoa powder is added to one portion, giving it a deep chocolate color and flavor. The chocolate batter makes up the base of the bars and the vanilla batter is spread on top – but not before a generous amount of white and dark chocolate chips is packed in between.

White chocolate chips work extremely well in this recipe because they have a creamy vanilla flavor that amps up the vanilla in the top batter of the bars, while contrasting nicely with the chocolate batter below. As always, use good quality white chocolate made with real cocoa butter and not with other vegetable fats. Dark chocolate chips or semisweet chocolate chips make up the rest of the filling, just to add another dose of chocolate and to keep the black and white theme of the bars going.