There’s a coffee shop by our house in Seattle that makes a great, substantial chocolate chip muffin with a nice crusty top that isn’t at all too sweet. I’m quite smitten with it.

Recently, I decided to recreate them at home, only making them gluten-free and dairy-free so we could share them with our extended family and friends, many of whom have food sensitivities and allergies.



These muffins are moist with a tight, dense crumb. They feel much heartier than a super fluffy muffin. They’re also studded generously with dark chocolate but aren’t too sweet.

And they couldn’t be easier to make: two bowls, no mixer, and the muffins are ready in under an hour.

We have a number of friends who have had babies recently, so I’ve been baking off multiple batches of these muffins for our family and then freezing some to gift to the new parents when we have a chance to bring something by.