The texture of the dough, which is similar to this bagel recipe and easy garlic knot recipe, is closer to a calzone or hot pocket, but who cares, they came out delicious and so much lighter than using the frozen empanadas discs which means you can eat more for less!


Empanadas can be filled with just about anything you can think of, I usually make them with picadillo but why not taco meat? I put them to the test, and my youngest Madison who loves empanadas ate four, she loved them!!

I usually buy the frozen Goya empanada disks, but many of you tell me they aren’t available near you so I decided to test them out with my pizza dough recipe and they worked out great, with a slightly different texture of course, but no added fat and less calories means you can eat more! Of course, if you wish to use the frozen discs, go for it!

To cut the rounds I used a small glass jar and cut out 10 4-3/4-inch circles. Do do this you want to roll it out as thin as possible, then cut as many as you can. Roll the remaining dough and repeat. If you have a large round cookie cutter, even better.

Serve these for lunch, pack them in your kids lunch box or serve them as appetizers with salsa!